New Hampshire Maple Products

The Patch Family has been producing maple syrup in New Hampshire for over 70 years and continues to teach the art to the younger generation. Patch Orchards currently has 6,300 taps which allow them to process their own maple products allowing them to ensure the best possible commodity for the consumer. Fun Fact: Grandpa Wallace Stockwell would consume 26 gallons a year. He lived to 94 and was sharp as a whip when he died.

Patch Family

In order to collect sap, holes are drilled in a tree and the lines are strung throughout the woods connecting all the maple trees to a gathering tank. The lines all have a downward slope towards the gathering tank. For maximum efficiency, a vacuum pump is placed at the gathering tank in order to suck all the sap down to the tank, where it is then collected and brought to the sugarhouse to be boiled down to Maple Syrup.