New Hampshire Apple Products

Patch Orchards offers a diverse selection of apple varieties including Mcintosh, Cortlands, Paulareds, Empires, Macouns and Idareds. In 2016, the Patch family planted 2,000 more apple trees with more varieties including Gala, Honeycrisp, Honey Gold, Fuji and Kindercrisp which should be ready to be picked in 2019. In the spring of 2018, we plan on adding 3,000 more trees for people to enjoy. You can enjoy all Patch Orchards products up to our farmstand located at the top of Churchill Way in Lebanon, NH or at all the local grocery stores who stock our apples and cider.

Patch Orchard NH Apple Cider Making Process

Patch Orchards Sweet cider is squeezed fresh every year and pasteurized through an Ultra Violet Light Machine killing any harmful bacteria. In traditional pasteurization the product is heated up in order to kill harmful bacteria, however, in this process, the flavor of the cider is changed due to the heat.

Ultra Violet light is that it kills all harmful bacteria without heating up the sweet cider like pasteurization, therefore, Patch Orchards cider has the most natural flavor of cider.

Apple Picking

After a machine sorts the apples by size Patch Orchards sorts each and every apple by hand before they package them in order to provide an excellent, quality, local product for the consumer.

Our Hard Apple Cider Found Locally in NH on Tap

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